Grin and Bear It 10K

gabi_2015So I had been running and completing at least a race a month for the past 12 months at this point. Encouraged by my running buddies, Corey Albritton, Jessie Nielsen, and Rusty Walker, I jumped on up to the 10K distance instead of making a solid first place in the 5K (I would find out at the awards ceremony that there was no one in my age group of 35-39). I ended up 4th in age group. It was kind of a bitter pill to swallow at the time. I had bumped up into a distance I don’t really like anyway. My friend, Rusty, had taken 1st in our age group. The cherry on top was the realization that I could have easily gotten first in the 5K in my age group.

On the positive side though, this was my first and only sub-hour 10k (so far!) and has been a long-standing PR for me.

Time: 55:23.4

Pace: 8:56/mile

Weight at time of race: 221 lbs.

Source: Garmin Connect


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