The time has come…

Through friends and experiences that I have had on this great and awesome fitness journey, I have finally decided that it is time that I start sharing my story for the larger world. Maybe, just maybe, it might help one of you out there. If you want the background details to how I got to the point of needing such a drastic change in my life, you can read that here.

Two years of a fitness journey where one has made a personal commitment to at least a race a month takes a while to document. Thankfully I was capturing data all along the way. So I will gradually update race reports from the somewhere near 40 races that I will have at least attempted (a few of my ultras have been DNFs and I will share those too).

That’s funny! My 40th race will come just over a month after my fortieth birthday. In the way of cool coincidences, it also happens to fall on the same race that I started my fitness journey with about 2 years ago. Talk about coming full circle.

Well, enjoy the moments as much as I have and be patient with me as I try and get these past two years down for your reading pleasure. I want to at least catch up one per throw back Thursday until I am up to date with previous race reports then I will start to moving to more general posts.



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